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What you should know about Iridology

Are you familiar with the expression that the eyes are the windows to your soul? Well, while iridology has nothing to do with your soul, it will check your eyes. Iridology is the scientific study of your irises’ structure and color pattern, to see if they indicate any medical problems. Believe it or not, the irises of your eyes, which are also responsible for their color, can give clues about your state of health. That is why practitioners consider iridology as a complementary science to the existent therapeutic methods because it can find valuable information about one’s state of health when other methods fail to do so.

The color pattern in our irises is unique, pretty much like our fingertips, this is why they can provide such relevant information about our physiological and physical states. Because of their unusual patterns, irises can also be a useful biometric characteristic for the latest personal identification technology. However, despite the fact that iris patterns are unique among individuals, the markings will act as a map to your body’s state of health. Iridology is the science that studies the individual particularities of the iris, more precisely its colored markings. When interpreted, the markings can point toward the existence of a problem. What kind of information can be revealed by our irises? For example, it is possible to find your personality traits or which of your organs are strong and which may have some issues. They can also tell if you are facing any health risks or if you’re dealing with specific physiological conditions.

Iridology can find out your past health problems, check out your current condition, and forecast potential health issues in the future. It can even tell if any toxins are accumulating in your body and creating a health problem. If we are to look at the principles that guide iridology as a scientific study, there are four of them that are used to make assessments of one’s state of health. Thus, iridology will check out the condition of the nerves, blood, and lymph system, as any problems discovered in these areas, may indicate an illness. Iridology can also give insight into one’s circulation, which is valuable because if blood flow is problematic, some organs may not be receiving a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients, which may lead to health issues in time. It will also be able to provide an insight into one’s nutrition and how well a person rests while taking a look at one’s state of mind and breathing.

So, you see, iridology is indeed a critical science that provides valuable information in the simplest way possible. Probably the best part of this method is that it is non-invasive, produces no pain, and no discomfort to the patient. Many doctors and scientists see this technique as ideal for periodic checkups in the case of patients suffering from chronic conditions, as it is faster and more comfortable than regular than medical examinations common in western medicine. Of course, one should not ignore such examinations but used together with iridology for a complete image of one’s state of health.

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