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Eye Care thus came up with a model of affordable, accessible, inclusive “on demand" eye care.

Dignity to the patient irrespective of economic background

Accessible services

Quality of services provided

“On demand" Eye Care – Eye Care that is available

Accessible, affordable, inclusive “on demand" eye care with quality of products and services exceeding expectations.



Free Consultation


Keep your eyes on safety

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Our Services

Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses enhances the vision of the the wearer by reducing spectacle aberrations and increasing the visual field, thus giving a natural vision.

Retina Services

We perform advanced retinal surgeries (with 23 gauge instruments and Alcon Accurus vitrectomy machine) to  achieve good postoperative results in patients.

Vision Rehabilitation Services

The centre has trained professionals to deal with issues related to low vision and its management.

See through my Eyes

Useless to dead, priceless to blind

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What you should know about Iridology

Are you familiar with the expression that the eyes are the windows to your soul? Well, while iridology has nothing to do with your soul, it will check your eyes. Iridology is the scientific study of your irises’ structure and...

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Long Sightedness and Short Sightedness

Introduction: Taking care of our eyes are very important. The gift of vision should be appreciated and taken good care. We must never take for granted the beauty of the sight. The human eyes are brilliantly designed in such a...

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Most Common Eye Problems

Introduction: Our eyes are one of the most important organs in our body, and we need to take care of it. With the increase in age, we face many issues with our eyes healthy. The following are some of the...

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